The first zero-waste restaurant in Bulgaria employing disadvantaged young people

“Blagichka – ZERO WASTE” is the first zero-waste restaurant in Bulgaria employing disadvantaged young people. This is a place where love for quality and delicious food meets faith that young people are the most important asset of community.
Values and principles of Blagichka’s restaurant:
– REFUSE – Give up things you don’t need.
The restaurant has given up plastic bottles and straws, they have said “No” to all plastic food packaging.
– REDUCE – Reduce the consumption of things you need.
The restaurant has greatly reduced excessive consumption of products.
– REUSE – Reuse things
The restaurant uses canvas bags for its supplies and delivers food to customers in reusable boxes. Dairy products are packaged in glass cans and bottles.
– RECYCLE – Recycle everything that you have not been able to refuse, reduce or reuse
The restaurant has a recycling station and recycles remaining waste.
– ROT – Compost
The restaurant is the first facility with a composter for organic waste. The produced organic material is used as a fertilizer in the nearby park.
Everyone in Blagichka’s restaurant shares a strong passion for cooking and healthy food and is committed to helping unemployed disadvantaged young people. Most of the restaurant’s staff comprises of such youngsters who develop work habits and skills at the community enterprise. Furthermore, a part of the restaurant profits is used to fund implementation of training events for young people in institutions and shelters.
Blagichka’s goal is to contribute to a healthier and more socially responsible lifestyle. The community enterprise uses local high-quality products, promotes a balanced way of life with care for people and the environment.
Check out Blagichka’s Facebook page and website:

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