Prisoners create art and bake coffee in support of female victims of violence

A project of the ‘Art Angel’ Foundation envisages opening of an art and training centre and a bakery shop for healthy baked products in the Pazardzhik prison of Bulgaria. Тhe profit will be used in support of victims of violence and disadvantaged people and the occupational therapy will help the inmates both psychologically and practically The ‘Art Angel’ Foundation will guide the incarcerated people of Pazardzhik prison to do meaningful things, to be useful, to learn a profession. They will work in the new bakery making healthy baked products for the prison population as well as for sale outside the facility. The inmates will not only receive training certificates for the developed skills but they will also be able to get healthy fresh food which will in turn contribute to reducing their stress and violent behaviour as well as to preventing some infectious diseases behind the bars. The profit from the bakery will be used to build social housing for female victims of violence. Furthermore, a prison art centre is also planned with a theatre and a music stage and an art corner. The art classes will also serve as therapy for the incarcerated. The project of the ‘Art Angel’ Foundation has received support from the Ombudsman of Bulgaria and from the prison authorities. Let us wish the community enterprise good luck!


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