University of Ruse


University of Ruse is an accredited autonomous state university in Bulgaria with 8 faculties, 3 branches (in the Danube towns of Silistra and Vidin and in the town of Razgrad) and a Bulgarian and Romanian Inter-university Europa Centre.

Established in 1945, the university now offers 49 Bachelor, 90 Master and 43 PhD programmes to approx. 10 000 students and doctoral degree students. Its staff consists of over 500 scholars and researchers providing training and scientific research in diverse areas:

  • ICT – computer systems and technologies; telecommunication systems, digital management; software engineering;
  • Engineering – mechanical and manufacturing engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering, electrical power engineering, electronics and automation, agrarian engineering, agricultural and transport machinery and technologies, industrial design; automation, air-conditioning, hydraulics and gasification; ecology and conservation equipment, quality management and metrology; material science and technologies;
  • Transport management and technology; operation of fleet and ports;
  • Natural sciences and education – computer sciences; informatics and information technologies in business; mathematics and informatics; financial mathematics; primary school education, social education; Bulgarian language and history; physics and informatics;
  • Business management, entrepreneurship and innovation, international economic relations, public administration, economics, marketing, European and global studies, multi-level governance, industrial management;
  • Social Work; kinezitherapy; occupational therapy; midwife; nurse;
  • Law;
  • Biotechnologies; chemical technologies; food technologies (Razgrad Branch), etc.

The University of Ruse is a full member of the European University Association, the Danube Rectors’ Conference, the Visegrad University Association and the Interuniversity Center – Dubrovnik. Teams from the university manage and participate in the implementation of over 250 multi- and bi-lateral international agreements in the field of science and education and in agreements under 20 international cooperation programmes with partners from over 40 European, Asian and American countries. The University of Ruse has modern facilities, equipment and an accredited structure for continuing education and further training and instruction. The university also has a career centre and bi-lateral agreements with numerous employers and employer organizations. The higher education institution has extensive transnational and regional project experience (educational, scientific, research and other types of projects) both as a lead partner managing various types of beneficiaries and as a project partner.

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