‘Joy’ Bakery provides permanent job for young people with disabilities in Bulgaria

Having turned 18, young people with disabilities in Bulgaria struggle to find a job. Some of them can only do specific work assisted by teachers, social workers and/or psychologists.
In response to this problem ‘Joy’ Bakery was established in 2018 in Varna, Bulgaria and has since provided permanent jobs to young people with special needs. The youngsters working at the community enterprise are aged 19-29 and receive professional, psychological and mentoring support. They learn to make bread, pastries and oven-baked desserts, acquire social skills and get paid for what they do. Their work gives them meaning – they cultivate a sense of usefulness and are happy that they can contribute and share in social life.
In the COVID-19 pandemic ‘Joy’ Bakery has a hard time finding customers. Check out their facebook page and website and visit their store
Photo: D. Doncheva, BNR

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