In order to accompany aspiring entrepreneurs of community enterprises, a specific learning/mentoring model is needed. This model, which will be based on a guideline with the training contents and tools, will be structured into 3 activities:

Profile of Community enterprise entrepreneur, understood as a “collective” profile that the Steering Group must possess:

  1. grid of specific skills; evaluation process and self-assessment to identify gaps;
  2. comparison matrix with European skills tools to ensure transparency;

Learning programme in context, developing the key skills for starting up a Community enterprise:

  1. ability to analyze local commons and to recognize their role in the process;
  2. relational/transversal skills related to the guidance of processes of civic and community involvement and self-activation;

Transversal entrepreneurial skills, especially with regard to the ability to get involved, and to overcome the barrier posed by fear of risk, which is one of the limiting elements);

Tools to support a guided start of community businesses, adapting models to the specificities of this type of economic and social subject:

  1. a Canvas
  2. a Business Plan

The provision of what is elaborated in these outputs will facilitate the development of new community enterprises and will contribute to the empowerment of those involved, especially as regards their ability to integrate into relevant communities and to actively participate in local and European democratic life. The transferability will be guaranteed, from the methodological point of view, by the structuring of the output in a simple and agile way having as objective to be accessible as much as possible autonomous and not mediated. From the point of view of the channels, the transferability will be enhanced by the transfer of the materials in the platform of which to the IO2, that it will guarantee diffusion and accessibility through the ICT. Link to documents (case studies, questionnaire results, researches by country).


To facilitate the usability and transferability of Intellectual Output 1, the products related to this output will be poured, in an ICT key, in an online portal that allows aspiring community entrepreneurs to participate in the modeled startup path. The path will guide, as a sort of electronic manual, in the creation of the Community enterprise, making available in an articulated and coherent way.

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